Episode 46 - Ozzie Leonard

February 22, 2018

Episode 46 - Ozzie Leonard

In today’s episode, we are sharing our conversation with Nadine and Jared as they introduce their son Ozzie. The couple talks about Ozzie’s unexpected diagnosis of Goldenhar syndrome and how they handled the news while gaining support from family and friends.

Nadine and Jared describe Ozzie’s personality as charming and fun and throughout this episode, you’ll also hear how he is proving the doctors wrong by doing things that they said wouldn’t be possible. The couple shares how they’ve been able to stay in the present by connecting with families that are dealing with a similar diagnosis. One thing is certain, Ozzie loves to be active and do his own thing. 

Be sure to check out Nadine's Instagram @ubuwhaaaaaa! Also in this interview, the couple also shared some great products: the Simply Small book series and side snap onesies.


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