Episode 28 - Bern the Brave

December 18, 2017

Episode 28 - Bern the Brave

In today’s episode, we chat with Trista about her 1-year-old daughter Bernadette. On the same day Trista learned of Bernadette’s Down syndrome diagnosis through prenatal testing, she searched out Kelle Hampton’s blog and purchased the book Bloom.

In this interview, Trista shares how she and her husband David juggled having two other girls at home while Bernadette battled a 2-month hospital stay after enduring her first heart surgery when she was just 2.5 weeks old. During that time, Trista was able to connect with parent groups at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and also appreciated the camaraderie at the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco. Every October has a new meaning for Trista and her family, as they celebrate Bernadette’s birthday and Down syndrome Awareness Month.

In passing along advice to parents learning of a similar diagnosis, Trista recommends this website as a great resource downsyndromepregnancy.org and this book in particular Diagnosis to delivery: a Pregnant Mother’s Guide.

Brave and full of joy, Bernadette is constantly smothered with unconditional love by her older sisters Adelle and Lucy. You can follow the family's story on Instagram @mrs_t_park or through Trista's blog!

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