Episode 25 - Flicks on Fleek

December 07, 2017

Episode 25 - Flicks on Fleek

In today’s episode, we are joined by Alyse, the mother of 2-year-old Felicity. After learning about Felicity’s nickname Flick, we gather some advice from Alyse for families just entering the NICU. Alyse also shares how the Instagram connections she developed began to help her transition out of a period of grief after the Down syndrome diagnosis. During that timeframe, she also learned of Ruby’s Rainbow and all of the loving Down syndrome communities out there.

Alyse describes Felicity as hilarious, smart, brave, and sweet. She also loves to dance and that’s the theme of the hashtag #flickfriday. Alyse has found her calling in raising awareness and that’s created a host of opportunities, including a video shoot with A&E earlier this year and the chance to meet the cast of Born This Way. Alyse also mentioned the best product under $50 for Felicity... the BeatBo!

Follow Felicity on Instagram @Flicks_on_Fleek and check out Alyse's blog No BS about DS!

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