Episode 19 - Easton & Isabella

November 16, 2017

Episode 19 - Easton & Isabella

In this episode, we are highlighting the story of 1.5-year-old twins Easton and Isabella. Through a conversation with their mother Rachael, we learn about how the twins beat the odds and overcame their early arrival at 23 weeks. Rachael persevered through a dangerous pregnancy complication and during this episode, she passes along advice to parents just entering an extended stay in the NICU.

In describing her loving twins, Rachael mentions that the NICU turned Isabella into a princess and she always wants things her way. Easton is laid back but he is learning to stick up for himself when his sister tries to steal a toy. Tomorrow, November 17th, is world prematurity day, and this is a perfect celebration as we talk to a tremendous advocate in Rachael, who is active with the March of Dimes. 

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