Episode 12 - Cure Rett with Charlie & Olivia

October 23, 2017

Episode 12 - Cure Rett with Charlie & Olivia

In today’s episode, our guests Cora and Trey share the inspirational story of their daughters Olivia and Charlotte, who are 2.5 years old. The daughters are 1 of 7 other identical twins with Rett syndrome in the U.S. Olivia is the introvert of the two while Charlie is the goofball. Each has different symptoms. Cora and Trey cover a wide range of topics in this conversation, including the development of their daughters’ medical and therapeutic team, being honest about their story, and celebrating milestones that other parents may take for granted. The parents also share news about the many resources and conferences they’ve discovered in the short 1.5-month span since learning of the diagnosis. 

Cora and Trey share plenty of resources in this episode, including the Rett Syndrome Research Trust and the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. They also talked about the Rett University Conference and highly recommended Susan Norwell's YouTube page as a valuable resource. We encourage our listeners to support the "Fight for the Fosters" crowdfunding page that aims for a $25,000 goal by March 19, 2018. Olivia, Charlotte, and their family are 65% to the goal!

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